Thursday, March 01, 2012

Melvin Hazen

one day after school this week we went and hiked The Melvin Hazen Trail
nice little loop
short loop
but does a nice little up and down along Rock Creek and a tributary of Rock Creek

Didg did the full loop off leash
staying close all the time

not coming when called
well... comes close when called
but not coming close enough to leashed
so... it is about a slow gentle corralling him

treats help
it is all about training and time

later that week we did another hike in Rock Creek
Pulpit Rock to the fence at Carter Baron Amphitheater and back

good all around
good for the dog
good for the boys
good for me

we had fun skipping stones in the creek
it had been years since we skipped stones in the creek


Blogger roblubitz said...

Put yr dog on a leash brah

1:10 PM  

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