Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lev and Lodi

Roscoe, Brutus, and I used to hike the trails of Rock Creek Park nearly everyday
many of these hikes were shared with Lev and his dog Lodi
no matter the weather
we were out in the woods with the dogs
Lodi did not like many dogs... but he loved Roscoe and Brutus
Lev did not like many people... but he put up with me

I spoke with Lev in Alaska this morning
had to call someone that I knew would understand my pain
called him the other day after dropping Roscoe off at the hospital
with the time differences and him being at work it was not a good time
left a message after Roscoe's finality was final
Lev called me back this morning while I rode around Haines Point on my fixed gear
I took the call on the move

it was good to talk with an old friend
sorry that it takes something like this for me to reach out to someone
it was good to have someone who knew me, my dogs, and my love for my dogs
Lev was very understanding
Lev is also very attached to his dog


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