Thursday, July 13, 2006

bedroom eyes

this shot of roscoe does not capture his ability to connect with your eyes
that dog had some serious bedroom eyes

not only did he have bedroom eyes
this dog had a habit of being a serious bed hog
his behavior evolved over his eight years of life and changed with each season
in the cold months roscoe slept in the bed
in the hot months... he did not bother

there was a system where roscoe (and brutus) would be hanging with me
either in the basement or watching the tube
then lisa would be motioning for bed
roscoe would get up and join her
just the two of them

then when I would go to bed
before I could snap my finger.... or maybe I snapped my fingers and slapped a bum a few times a few years prior
I can not recall
but... in recent days before I could snap my fingers roscoe would be standing up and stepping off the bed

once asleep he would climb back up
steal the space by my feet
force me to crawl into a fetal mass
giving me terrible scoliosis

dam I loved that dog!


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