Thursday, July 13, 2006

sure enough.... it is Groundhog Day

yesterday as my day turned into evening and then evening into night I started to feel more at ease
went to sleep a little tipsy... maybe one too many glasses of red wine
went to bed a little late and a little drunk
once in bed I crashed as these days have been exhausting
no I did not dream of my dogs playing together at my side
it was a calm dreamless night
nothing but a clear slate
nothing but blackness in my mind

it was a night of sleep a little longer than the closing the eyes at night and the opening of the eyes in the morning
there was the standard middle of the night attempted migration by Dean from his bed upstairs to our bedroom on the second floor
that effort was stopped by me walking him to the bathroom then walking him back upstairs
I tucked him in... gave him a hug and a kiss and stayed by his side as he quickly fell back asleep
yet... somehow, as always, when I woke Dean was sleeping in the bed between lisa and myself

when I woke this morning I felt pretty okay....
lisa was finishing getting dressed and rushing towards the door a few minutes late
Grant was oddly still asleep
Dean was working his normal routine of snagging every last minute of sleep
I woke as slowly as I could
staying in bed but not sleeping
stretching in the bed as the day started around me

before lisa was fully dressed and out the door I heard the sound of foot steps coming down the stairs
not the rhythm of a four legged animal
the patern of a slowly waking toddler

grant came into the room full of grins and giggles
dean woke
we all wrestled in the big old bed
as I tickled my two blonde haired boys I made up some song about my blonde haired monkeys
something about me catching them
something about them gettting away

grant egged me on
begging me to continue the song about the blonde monkeys
so we wrestled some more
all three of us laughing and smiling
lisa snuck out the room then out of the house

we took a break and regrouped
I looked into Grant's big blue eyes and saw him crack a wide smile
Dean tried to sneak up... but I tickled him away
then Grant asked his favorite morning question, "where's roscoe?"
but... now I think my two and half year old son knows the answer to that question
he may not know what it means... but he knows the answer

I tell him he knows where roscoe is... to that he responds... "roscoe is dead"

yes, grant
roscoe is dead
we will all be waking each morning asking the same question...Where's Roscoe?

I hiked with Brutus in the woods before work
a short hike
it is apparent that Brutus is wondering... Where's Roscoe?


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