Wednesday, July 12, 2006

two average images

not to dwell on the negative

what could have been done
what should have been done

try not to over think the last days of Roscoe's life
just trying to accept things

trying not to think about Roscoe's last day
and the notion of just one more day

the rainbow bridge seems like a nice place
the one more day is an option that is also a painful option
as I have not written about his last days or his first day gone
as I am still trying to digest the pain and the reailty of those moments

one thing that I am kicking myself about talking about and not following through with would have to be a dog portrait

one of my neighbors is a photographer
I really like her artsy stuff
I really like her portraits

I am going to stop blogging
the feeling in my stomach is not nice
my breathing is not a pleasure
the thought of not having the portraits taken is not what is making me sad
the notion that Roscoe is not around to have his picture taken is what is making me sad

my wine is gone
I am sad
best I spend my time healing while sleeping
rather than working my fingers raw and getting myself all worked up on the Internet

my photos are included
as I think that I occassionally get a good picture of a cyclist
I seldom get a good picture of my dogs or my kids
guess I am too busy in the action to be back taking photos of it


Blogger gwadzilla said...

the photos are attached to show that I tried to take pictures of my dogs
but did not do a good job

should have taken more


so often I took pictures of them
and they all came out blurry

if you look closely you can see that both dogs are in picture one
the wetness of roscoe makes him look more black

only one dog in image two
hard to tell if it is Roscoe or Brutus

brutus will not go in the pool
roscoe spent hour after hour in the pool

brutus feared the pool
but brutus loves the rapids in the river

9:23 PM  

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