Wednesday, July 12, 2006


the notion of a locket for my wife is going through my head
I am thinking of going to Tiffany's for a necklace
there are some other places I am going to go to as well
maybe some of the asian or tibetian jewelry places have something that would work for my wife's tastes and my needs

would more than likely put the ashes inside and then super glue things shut
thinking I will go for both ear rings and a necklace... not matching
try and cover two styles to give her options of what it could be worn with and how frequently

my wife has a classic look
I think I may be able to find something that works

already regretting not getting the plaster imprint of Roscoe's paw
I have memories
maybe I would have like to caress the imprint of his paw

I did ask for a clipping of his hair
I laughed and I cried when I made this request
as I admitted to the sales woman at the cremetorium that I am certain that a quick brush under the couch would give me plenty of his hair
she laughed and told me that she still has dogs from her not so recently deceased black lab blowing about her house

oh... maybe something more bohemian than the tiffany product
as I am not sure if they will hit the buzzer to unlock the door to let me in
I have a friend who is a dog owner who works at the family business that sells latino folk art, clothing, and jewelry
she would definitely have some ideas
talked with a friend who owns a dog boutique today
I want some jewelry
not dog or cremation specific
locket with the potential for carrying some ashes


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