Thursday, July 13, 2006

bury versus scatter...

Roscoe died in the vet hospital

had Roscoe died at home I am certain I would have gotten in trouble for digging a shallow grave in Rock Creek Park
would have made the local news
there would have been court dates and fines
the usual crap

since Roscoe died in the vet clinic we are getting him cremated
which simplifies things a little
I am still torn between burying or scattering the ashes
so much of me wants to create a memorial
a tangible spot
versus and implied area
the thought of the box being found and the ashes being found

guess I could hope that the box rots
with the ashes free instead of sealed in a bag

I asked for the most plain wooden box that they had
a cigar box would suit my needs
as it is a symbol
hope the box is plain

the digging of a grave could have been cathartic
I spoke with a man who said that he had a mishap burial that was frustrating as the shallow grave took longer than anticipated and he had to have things sorted out before the kids got home
he said the whole thing helped to free some of the pain

I am thinking of making an area of the part a little more fertile
like a natural garden
there are some stones milled from a quarry in Rock Creek that I may try to move to this location

there was a cement paw print option... I did not go for the paw print
now I am regretting it
I used to love to massage Roscoe's paws
working my fingers between his leathery pads

petting the dogs always had a functionality of checking for ticks and burs


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