Thursday, July 13, 2006

dean rocks

made a call tonight
call my friend rob
wanted rob and his wife vida to know that roscoe had passed
did not want them to hear on the grapevine

rob and vida loved roscoe and love brutus
they are cat owners but dog lovers

they have known roscoe and brutus since their arrival at our northwest dc home

this is a picture of dean rocking rob's gibson
dean is about the age grant is now in this photo
rob was saddened to hear of roscoe's death
while he deals with a loss of a friend of his own
I have my pain
he has his
my pain is great to me
his loss is human...
I hope that he is copeing with his loss

we hope to hike this weekend with brutus
we do not see each other as often as we used to
hiking with the dogs has always been our place to catch up
we have covered some solid ground in various woods of Rock Creek Park at different times of the year


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