Tuesday, July 11, 2006

one more day

lisa and I are sad
a great part of our sadness is our feeling that this all came without a warning
there was nothing that gave us any hint that we needed to start our goodbyes
we were not prepared to say goodbye

roscoe was happy and healthy
he was very active... super active

yet, we still each wish that we just had one more day
one more day to have him and to hold him
to try and thank him for all the pleasure that he brought to our world

then after some reflection
I come to realize that our basic everyday with our dogs would be beyond the goals of your average dog owner's effort to give their dog a perfect day on their last day

rosoce and brutus were walked leashless in the woods, these dogs were at our feet and at our side, these dogs got swim in Rock Creek a few times each week all year round, then get to swim several times a week in a swimming pool several times a week all summer, the hikes both urban and country, then there were parties, road trips, and camping trips.

roscoe lived a full life full of activity, action, and love

as much as I wish that I had one last dady with Roscoe
I feel pretty good about the life I gave him and the life he gave me
roscoe was a good dog and a good friend

(for mother's day we got a babysitter and hiked the dogs for a few hours at Old Angler's Inn)
brutus will still get to live this same active lifestyle


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