Monday, July 17, 2006

one week has passed

one week has passed since the death of my dog Roscoe
it was a difficult weekend and a difficult week
each moment of the weekend past I played through my head what was happening one week prior at that time

last night at one thirty am a week to the day, at the moment of Roscoe's death by lethal injection I was in the kitchen drowning my sorrows in a cherry pie
I share certain similarities to homer simpson and al roaker... I eat when I am happy... I eat when I am sad
last night I was anxiously sad

in the picture above I see my family
grant just fresh home from the hospital
the dogs hanging with the pack

with roscoe gone the family dynamics have changed

roscoe loved to sneak up on the couch where the people are sitting
only he was forbidden
so he only did that when the people were gone


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