Friday, July 14, 2006

roscoe was good with people

earlier this year I approached Dean's pre-K teacher about bringing the dogs into the class to give the kids a chance to learn about behaving appropriately around dogs

I gave a two second sales pitch as was shot down without having the first word heard

so many kids, especially kids in the city are not exposed to dogs
lack of exposure can lead to lack of understanding
irrational fears are created
inappropriate behavior becomes routine
all I wanted to do was lay a few building blocks for a life of understanding dogs

the no exited the teacher's mouth before I finished my pitch

at the end of the school year I approached the teacher with the propsition of throwing an end of year birthday party for all the kids in Dean's Pre-K Class
figuring it would be a good chance to celebrate all the summer birthdays
to my surprise... this effort was accepted

with a little planning we settled in on a day and the party took place
it was pretty much a free for all
the back yard has a slide and a club house
I put out a kids tent and a little cloth tunnel
add cake, pizza, and pin the tail on the shark and it is a party

since it was held at my house the dogs got to attend

the dogs were the bell of the ball
if there are 25 kids in Dean's class there must have been 7-10 kids that were occupied the whole day with playing with the dogs
one child was irrationally phobic
but... I was too busy with entertaining the other 24 kids and parents to talk him off the ledge

Roscoe loved it!
Roscoe loved to get love
Roscoe loved to give love
Roscoe gave plenty of love that day
Roscoe gave plenty of love in his eight years of life
unless of course you were a squirrel or a cat
then he loved to chase ya


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