Friday, July 14, 2006

Roscoe and Brutus' first camping trip....

any and every image I pull up can bring up an anecdote about the dogs in one way or another
in the same way
nearly any or every stretch of park in this city can bring up some sort of dog related memory

not sure if it was this 24 Hours of Canaan or a prior one that we took the dogs on the first camping trip
it was one of those last Canaan races....
the date of the milestone could be figured at another time

the dc parks all carry an onslaught of memories
the dogs attended a some summer shows at fort reno park
the ran around the tombstones of congressional cemetary
the stepped on my cross country skies in the glover archebald park
they acted like they owned various sections of rock creek park

all of these places bring back various memories

jim weaver
that guy from the podium shot at that Canaan race is hilarious
he lacked "the eye of the tiger"
wish I had the energy to blog about that guy
he was a trip

life is different without roscoe
brutus is different without roscoe


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