Friday, July 14, 2006


as recent as this summer lisa and I tried to plan a vacation that included the dogs
there was talk about one of us driving with the dogs to Vermont while the other flies with the children... or something to that effect
in the end we decided to spend out vacation in colorado and not vermont
there was a concious effort to make that happen
when we looked at vermont rentals
all the options had to be pet friendly

when lisa and I moved in together there was on variable that was seriously taken into account
does the rental property allow a dog?
we always asked about a dog..l never telling that we intended to get two dogs

eventually we found a wonderful place in Mount Pleasant that did allow dogs
we did get two dogs
once the dogs were part of our lives we had to take into account whether vacation options allowed dogs

we took trips to the mountain and trips to the sea
always making sure where we camped or where we stayed allowed dogs
sure there were trips that involved flights that did not include the dogs

the dogs never accompanied us on our yearly winter trip to visit the now inlaws in marco island florida
nor did the dogs hike the inca trail to macchu picchu to propose to lisa
but... a stray dog did do some of the trek

there were trips to vermont
and there were trips to the outer banks
the dogs went on day hikes and local camping trips
there were mountain bike races
and there were parties

the dogs traveled all over with us
usually sleeping in the bed along side of us

the travel vehicle of choice in those days was my old Toyota Landcruiser
I no longer have that old truck
I no longer have my dog Roscoe

currently I have a Honda Element and Roscoe's brother Brutus


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