Thursday, July 13, 2006

scanning my bicycle blog for images of my dogs

the dogs brought me great joy over the last 8 years
the relationship over the last years has had a million moments

the dogs took me for walks in the woods that showed me each stage of each season a day at a time
I saw leaves change slowly
I learned where to anticipate mushrooms after some rain
I hiked in the rain, the snow, and the nasty combination of heat and humidity

the dogs took me looping through the woods
the dogs also took me on evening walks through the neighborhood

people may think walk the dogs is a chore
no... walking the dogs is a part of my life
I thank them for for all that they share with me

I walk and see things I would normally see
I walk with them as I would never care to walk alone
the walks in the woods they run leashless
while there is an invisible string linking us together

the string between roscoe and myself has been cut


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