Tuesday, July 18, 2006

our home is also different

with roscoe dead and gone our house is a different place
the house is quiet
significantly more quiet than it once was

roscoe made his presence known
as a shark is known for being able to pick up the scent a drop of blood from a mile away
roscoe could smell a bag of beef jerky being opened from a mile away

roscoe (and brutus) greet everyone as they approach the front door
our mailman harold johnson gets a special greeting
the dogs approached strangers with barks
the dogs approached friends with shoes in their mouth

as I moved about the house roscoe was always there
he had his various perches
with eye contact roscoe would respond
with eye contact a a little lean in forward roscoe's tail would start to wag
a little deeper the eye contact the closer the lean the faster and harder he wagged

that big boney tail made a pleasant sound on the hard wood floors
a sound I will never hear again

I miss that sound
I miss that dog


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