Saturday, July 22, 2006

roscoe's ashes arrived today

today we got a package in the mail
without opening it I knew what it was
we had been anticipating it
it is a box from Heavenly Days.... a pet cremetorium

a box came the other day that initiated tears
thought it was roscoe's ashes
when that first package was actually a gift from a neighborhood dog walker

one of the dog walkers in the neighborhood sent us a candle that burns for three days
with a note about the loss of our dog
that was very kind for him to send us this
especially since he was not our dog walker
just someone we know from around the neighborhood

have not opened the box with Roscoe's ashes yet
have not decided where or what we are going to place/spread/or bury
have not ordered or purchased a locket for lisa
lots to do

the boys are in tub washing the maple syrup from their hair
the splashing got excessive
rather than scolding them I try to explain the consequences
then I blew some bubbles for them
I am still sad about roscoe

dean has bubbles in his eyes


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